About Us

Rick and Kristi met in the fall of 1972 in Corvallis while attending Oregon State University. Kristi studied Liberal Arts while Rick studied Zoology and Biochemistry. They were married in the spring of 1974, and, after another year of school, they left Corvallis and headed to Southern California where they started their family. Rick worked and managed a business that manufactured food processing equipment that took him all over the world. Kristi was a home-maker. Together they raised five children, and now have twenty-one grandchildren and one great-grandchild. After thirty-six years they returned to Silverton, Oregon in 2011 and settled here on the Abiqua Creek.  “We love getting everyone together for our annual reunion here at the ‘homestead’ – it is magical to see how our kids, their spouses and the myriad of cousins plan activities together and have the best time. It’s our favorite time of the year”.

About Our Farm

Our mission at RKS FARMS is to produce quality products that will help you and your family live a healthier lifestyle. We raise and care for our animals in a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Our dairy goats are Alpine & La Mancha. We raise Black Angus Beef Cattle and Berkshire Pigs. Our Khaki-Campbell ducks and Barred Rock chickens are free-range, have access to a healthy and vibrant pond, and are comfortable and safe in their coop every night. All these breeds produce the highest quality products. Let us help you feed your family – from our farm to your table we are committed to providing you with the very best.