Pastured Eggs are healthier

Pastured eggs are an important source of essential nutrients for all ages. An egg contains every essential nutrient that your body requires, except for vitamin C   (chickens synthesize their own vitamin C). Our eggs will have a dark yellow-orange color as a result of the green, leafy vegetation the chickens have in their daily diet. We wash and size all of our eggs to assure that you receive the best quality pastured eggs possible. Our pastured eggs have –

• 2 times as much omega-3 fatty acids (Polyunsaturated fats occur naturally in eggs as omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) including the omega-3 derivative DHA)
• 3 times more vitamin E.
• 7 times more vitamin A (as beta-carotene).
• Up to 6 times more essential vitamin D3 than supermarket eggs.
• Significantly more B vitamins
• Egg yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthin – 2 antioxidants important for the health of your eyes

Small . . . . . . .$6.50/dozen

Medium . . . . .$7.00/dozen

Large . . . . . . .$7.50/dozen

X-Large . . . . . $8.00/dozen

Jumbo . . . . . . $8.50/dozen

Duck . . . . . . . $9.00/half-dozen



Barred Rock

We raise Novogen, Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, and Australorp free-range chickens fed non-gmo grain and an ample supply of grass, bugs, worms, and fresh air. The hens are housed in a coop at night with free-access to the pasture and pond during the day, They are provided a laying box with a slanted bottom that allows the eggs to roll away into an area where they are easily collected outside the coop. They don’t get broken and they stay clean and fresh until they are gathered. Our Khaki Campbell ducks are raised on our pond and they lay their eggs in the nearby grass. All of our eggs are cleaned, weighed and packed in new recycled paper cartons.