Raw Goat Milk

Nutritious, Healthy, and Delicious

Raw Goat Milk is a healthy choice for your family’s dairy requirements . . . . .

  1. Easier to digest
  2. Fewer allergens and less inflammatory
  3. High in calcium
  4. High in medium-chain fatty acids
  5. Helps reduce cholesterol levels
  6. Promotes glowing skin
  7. Enhances nutrient absorption
  8. It tastes great – many people find it tastes better than cows milk

Drink Goat Milk – feel like a kid again

Many children cannot tolerate cow’s milk or formula that is based on cow’s milk. Cow’s milk has proteins that are often hyper-allergenic. Many of these children are transitioned to goat milk and they do great. Goat milk closely matches mother’s milk and provides a highly nutritious diet for growing infants and toddlers.